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The Excitement of Firsts

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Me in London gleefully smiling about all my new adventures.

Do you remember your first kiss? Your first time falling in love? Your first time driving a car? Your first concert? I certainly do. Many of my firsts are some of my favorite memories. Firsts are exhilarating. So why do people tend to have the majority of these exciting firsts in their teens? Okay, I’m not saying to wait until you are a full grown adult to have your first kiss or push off learning to drive a car until you're a grandma… no, those firsts are meant for your younger years (although, no shame if you haven’t gotten to either of those firsts yet), but what I am really trying to say is we should be looking for new firsts all the time.

I have a theory that many grownups are afraid of firsts because they usually include a great leap of faith and leaving the ever so limiting bed of our comfort zone. I can attest that I was stuck in my comfort zone last year, but I am here today to tell you I have gotten the hell out of that bed and now I’m on the edge of a cliff experiencing new firsts all the time. I couldn’t feel more alive.

The best part about firsts is that they build a new sense of confidence in yourself. Firsts show you that you can accomplish something you have never accomplished. You can feel something you have never felt. You can see something you have never seen. You can survive somewhere you have never lived. You can push yourself to places you have never reached.

Having just got back from an amazing trip to London, a place I’ve never been before, I am on a “firsts” high. Being in a different country and being able to figure out the public transportation in and of itself felt like an exciting first in my book. I now have that much more confidence in myself that I, Allie Scott, can figure out how to get around a different country with no fear. Laugh at me if you will. Maybe this sounds easy to you, but for me, this was a first. Every time prior to this trip, I would be with someone that would take me around everywhere or I would simply Uber to avoid getting lost in a different country, but here I am saying that I DID IT! I NAVIGATED A CITY COMPLETELY UNFAMILIAR TO ME AND I SURVIVED.

On that note, don’t only praise yourself for your big firsts. Give yourself credit for your little firsts as well. Yes, maybe being able to get around a different country on your own is a small accomplishment in the grand scheme of things, but it’s like gratitude: the more gratitude you express, the more you attract good things to be grateful for (or perhaps you just start noticing all the great things that are already in your life). It is the same with the excitement of firsts. Once you start noticing all the new things you are doing, the more you start to experience the excitement of your own life.

Pursue those firsts like there is no tomorrow, because you deserve to be thrilled with your life. Start with little things… ask out the boy you’ve been crushing on… apply for a job that sounds awesome, but you deem yourself unqualified for… Go dance your butt off in the middle of a shopping center just because you LOVE that they are now playing Christmas music… Give $10 to the homeless person that asks you for money every day, but you always avoid making eye contact with. I know these sound like the silliest firsts ever, but you will most definitely gain something from doing something new, even if what you gain is the knowledge that you never EVER want to do that thing again. Learning that about yourself is exciting. Learning ANYTHING about yourself is exciting. So put yourself out there. Get out of your comfort zone. Have some amazing new firsts and don’t be surprised if you make some of your new favorite memories. The best is yet to come!

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