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Self-Care Week

You may ask yourself, “Shouldn’t every week be Self-Care Week?” Well, the answer is yes… absolutely… that would be great… really awesome. However, I have found in my own life that making self-care my top priority every day of every week has yet to be achieved for the obvious reasons that some days you will just have to stay up past your bedtime (poor thing), and sometimes you will want to go out for drinks with your friends (alcohol is definitely not part of self-care), and some days you might just feel like having a whole enchilada and an ice cream sunday in one sitting (no shame, I’ve definitely done it). All of these things are fine and good, but when done in excess, it might be time to call about a Self-Care Week.

Having moved to a brand new city only a month and a half ago, I have been living life to its fullest and absolutely loving every minute of it, but then it hit me this past Sunday that… wow, I am really tired… I’ve hardly slept since I got to New York… this can’t be healthy. As I’m sure you can guess (as this is literally the title of my blog post), it was time for me to put a self-care week in effect… wellll maybe not a whole week, but at least 5 days… okay, don’t judge me like that, it’s not that I CAN’T do a whole week, it’s that I have a friend coming to town on Saturday, so we gotta do the whole New York THANG if you know what I mean ( and the New York “THANG,” aint a self-care situation in the slightest ha). But back to the point… what does my self-care week entail, you ask? Let me tell you because I am sure you are going to want to do it too after I explain:

  1. Going to bed early every night of the week. I am aiming for a solid seven hours of sleep every night. Living the New York lifestyle, I have hardly slept at all, which has really starting to catch up with me. Like I’ve been doing that delirious laughing thing A LOT lately… you know, when you’re so tired that the weirdest things ever crack you up. As fun as this can be for a little while, this is a sure sign you need some rest.

  2. Monday through Friday, eating all my meals in. I meal prepped the most amazing chicken dish EVER, so eating in is actually pretty fun. Plus, when I eat in I feel a million times healthier AND I keep more money in the bank (very hard to do in New York). It’s like the saying goes, “health is wealth.” The actual interpretation of this saying definitely has nothing to do with how much money you save eating in, but hey? If the shoe fits? Right?

  3. ACTUALLY WEARING MY RETAINER… Is it bad that I don’t do this regularly enough to not have it on the Self-Care Week list? To answer my own question, yes, it is very sad. I promise I’ll be better mom.

  4. Facemask… obviously a VERY important part of self care week. Facemasks are not just soothing to the skin, they are also soothing to the soul… at least in my opinion… but then again, everything on my blog in my opinion, so take it or leave it, sista.

  5. Lots and LOTS of water. This makes you feel like a million bucks. Pinky promise.

  6. Candles whenever you step foot into your house. This will make you and your home feel fancy… a must.

  7. Say NO. Okay this sounds harsh and no fun, I know, and perhaps this rule doesn’t apply to everyone, but I usually say yes to EVERYTHING. I’m taking the opportunity this week to say no to anything that gets in the way of my much needed me time… at least until the weekend…

So that’s it. Pretty simple. Forget about those juice cleanses you were going to do to restart your system (because we all know not eating for a week sucks and can’t be good for you) and get on the Allie From The Valley Self Care Week… maybe it’ll even become a permanent lifestyle!

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