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My Call to Adventure: Avocado Toast vs. Ricotta Pancakes

Picture me… in a hip restaurant that’s way out of my budget (common occurrence, since I tend to forget about my budget entirely until I see my credit card statement)... I sit there looking at the menu. The avocado toast catches my eye. Oh that sounds good, even though I did just make that for breakfast yesterday and it was a 5th of the cost, but hey, avocado is worth my hard earned money. But wait, these ricotta pancakes also sound divine. I wonder if ricotta is good in pancakes. I think I had that once before. I can’t remember. Did I like it? What should I do… what should I do… decisions… decisions...deee… and before I can think about this mundane debate of breakfast options another second, the waiter approaches the table. He gives his normal spiel… blah blah blah… and then cuts to the point “What can I get you?”

“Hi. So, I’m debating between the avocado toast and the ricotta pancakes. Which do you think is better?”

The waiter chimes in, “Hands down the ricotta pancakes.”

I look at him with a rather polite, but awkward smile, “Oh… well…hmm... I think I’m actually going to go with the avocado toast.”

Although this specific story is made up (but could easily be real since these are some of the most trendy breakfast options in the LA brunch scene), this is truly the STORY. OF. MY. LIFE. I do this indecisive dance at restaurants on the regular. I do this when asking my friends for advice. I do this in almost any setting you can imagine. I do this ALL. THE. TIME. But what does this story really mean to me (insert your best mocking therapist voice)?

Well this story is actually the metaphor for why I am moving to New York City in August. Let me break it down for you. LA is the avocado toast. New York is the ricotta pancakes. My logical self is the the girl ordering. And my heart is the waiter (yes, I am cheesy as all hell). My logical self tells me to pick the avocado toast (Los Angeles) every time because it’s the safe choice. I know what I’m getting into. I know I will like it. But the waiter (my heart) urges me to take a chance and try the ricotta pancakes. Even when my heart tells me that I am going to miss out if I don’t take this leap of faith, my head usually pulls me back in and talk me out of it (by the sounds of this metaphor, it seems like I take my brunch really seriously).

To acknowledge my logical self because sometimes that is the best voice to listen to. Yes, the film industry is bigger in Los Angeles. Yes, I will be thousands of miles away from the most amazing friends and family (don’t worry guys, I will visit a lot). Yes, it’s scary to live somewhere unknown to me. Yes, I am going to have to experience living through ACTUAL winter weather for the first time in my life. All of these are valid reasons not to go, but if I don’t choose the ricotta pancakes now, I might live my whole life always picking the avocado toast and where’s the adventure in that?

Los Angeles will always be here waiting for me, but New York is calling right now and I am ready to take a leap. In the terms of script analysis and storytelling, New York is my “call to adventure” (reference the hero’s journey breakdown on google if you have no idea what I’m talking about and you think I’m batshit crazy). I’m ready to be the hero of my own story and yes, in every hero’s journey, there are challenges the protagonist must overcome (in my life perhaps this will be surviving an east coast winter), but those challenges always lead to great reward (even if that reward in my case is just learning a little bit more about myself).

On that note, I encourage everyone to get out there and do something that scares them (mainly so I can know that I’m not the only one shitting my pants about big changes), but also so you can be the hero of your own story as well. Think how much everyone would accomplish if they did something out of their comfort zone every day. Let’s start now. Adventure calls!

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