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Budget Plan 101

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

I’ve officially been in New York for five days now and I’ve been living like a princess. Between all the fine dining, nights out on the town, shopping sprees (ooppps), and my glamorous apt living in Chelsea, my credit card has become very scared of me. In fact, when I reach for it now, I hear a sad little voice call out, “Allie, please leave me alone. I beg of you.” My original budget plan for my first month in New York was to use my credit card blindly while getting settled and then slowly but surely pay it off… well this was a shit plan. If I ever suggested living on this budget plan to any of my friends or loved ones, I apologize profusely because you will be paying off your debt for many years to come.

I consider myself lucky that I didn’t have enough self-control to make it through my entire first month without looking at my credit card bill because I would have been WAY too deep at that point. So what can I do to make my budget more manageable? Well, I have a few new plans of action:

  1. Live in a less expensive area. Okay, okay, I can’t really blame my expenses of the past few days on my rent because I’ve been staying with a very generous friend (and will continue living with her for all of August), but I can better assess what I want my budget to be for my new apt that I move into in September. I mean, I don’t want to lie to myself and say I’m just going to stop eating out and going out for drinks with my gal pals because that is just unrealistic and (more than that) NO FUN. So here’s the compromise I’m going to make with my bank account… I will live in a slightly less ideal neighborhood and save my money for all the fun I am going to have out on the town (i.e. cute coffee shops, delicious restaurants, cool bars, fun live shows, blahh blahh blahh the list continues).

  2. Keep eating out, but (much) less. I have been having breakfast, lunch, and dinner, out the last five days, which is so unnecessary. My new goal is to cut back to only one meal out a day. I will eventually go back to my LA food budget plan of only eating out on the weekend, but I’m still having so much fun discovering the city via the food scene, so that will come in due time.

  3. Avoid eating the most expensive thing on the menu… yesterday I went to this delicious sandwich shop and there were various sandwiches for only $10, but being the bougie princess that I am, I got the $15 sandwich. Why did I do this? The world may never know. But little miss frugal over here (that’s my new nickname) isn’t going to be doing that anymore. No sir.

  4. No more shopping sprees… at least until I’m completely debt free. Some wise advice I’d like to give all my buds out there who have a similar shopping addiction: think of your shopping addiction as any other. Once you’ve cut the shopping out for a couple weeks, you won’t crave it as much (at least that’s what I’ve heard… so let’s go with it.) You will recover from this addiction, I believe in you. *If you don’t recover from this addiction, but you also have enough money to support the constant shopping, feel free to Venmo me a couple hundred dollars whenever you’re in the mood. It would be much appreciated (only half kidding).

That concludes my new budget rant. Wow, isn’t this whole budget thing fun? I’m feeling more financially responsible already… yes, I’ve only been on this budget plan since this morning, but don’t worry, it’s going to be great… I think.

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