My name is Allie Scott. I'm from the greater Los Angeles area and have lived in the same 20-60 minute radius (depending on traffic) my entire life. Don't get me wrong, LA is sweet, but it is time for me to shake things up. I'M MOVING TO NEW YORK. 

My goal is to make this blog a very public journal of my life... and what better time to star a public journal than when shit is about to hit the fan and life is going to be very unstable. I mean, who doesn't love to watch a good old fashion emotional melt down or existential crisis? Just kidding, just kidding, I got this New York moving thing on lock... I hope... but I will say big changes have never come easy to me, so this should be interesting. 

Let my voice (via blog posts, pictures, and videos) be whatever it is you need. I can be your best friend, your friendly neighbor, your mom (probably not the best mom), you're crazy aunt (most likely a better fit), a stranger on the street, that proactive coffeeshop barista that always knows your drink ( in this case you drink way too much coffee), or that weirdly friendly front desk girl that works at your gym (okay, okay, that's actually me). I'm happy to be all of that to you, if you just believe... and by that I mean if you literally trick yourself because when it comes down to it, I'm just good ol' Al Scott.

Read on. Subscribe. Give feedback. Relate.

Love Ya,

Allie Scott


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